Advisor Guidelines


The EduTech Advisor online marketplace gives individuals with expertise in areas of instructional technology an opportunity to share their knowledge with other educators, professionals, and collegians. 

  • Become your own boss. Register as an advisor to sell online courses or tutoring services to learners.  Submit a completed  Advisor Membership form for approval.


  • Rent your own personal online classroom or office.  You'll have unlimited access to a virtual classroom or office to directly interact with learners anytime, anywhere.  Click here to view a virtual model classroom.


Instructors teach online courses, ranging from technology tool training to technology integration in the classroom or job.  Courses must be approved by the administration of the EduTech Advisors prior to publishing them online.  To learn how to set up courses, go to Courses and enroll in The Course Setup sessions.  These courses give a step-by-step process on how to create and maintain your online courses.


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